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Love is… How to tell your Dog loves you.

Love is… How to tell your Dog loves you.

Love is… How to tell your Dog loves you.

10 Signs that your Dog loves you 

Dogs are loyal, loving companions that can bring immense joy to us. If you’ve recently adopted a dog, or you’ve had one for years, it’s always reassuring to know that your dog loves you. While dogs can’t tell us how they feel in words, they are also experts at showing love and affection. If you’ve ever wondered if your pup loves you as much as you love them, look no further! Here are some 10 signs that your dog loves you -

1 Tail Wagging

Tail wagging may seem like an obvious sign of affection but it can actually be a bit more complicated than it seems. Dogs communicate with their tails, so the way they wag their tail can tell us different things. When dogs wag their tail with their whole body it is pretty safe to assume they are happy to see you and loves being around you! And nothing beats coming home to a be greeted by you adoring dog.

2 Eye Contact

Dogs use eye contact to show their owners affection. When a dog looks directly into your eyes with what appears to be warmth and adoration, chances are they are trying to tell you how much they love being around you! Eye contact can be challenging for a dog  so this type of behaviour usually requires trust - if your pup is looking at you like this often, it’s likely an indication they love and respect you deeply.   They may even stare into our eyes when we talk to them, as if they can understand what we’re saying!

Sciency bit  - According to animal behaviourists, this is the same way wolves greet their pack leaders. Research suggests the older the breed or the closer linked to the Ancestral wolf – the less likely eye contact will be made with people as a means of communication. For this reason you should never stare out a nervous or an Unknown dog as it may be interpreted as threatening.

3 Showing Appreciation Through Gifts (Yes Really!)

Have you ever come home after being away for a few days only to find “gifts” left behind by your dog? Kenzo will often take my shoes when I come home . Whether it’s bringing you a toy or just something they found outside – these gifts could be their way of saying “I missed you” or “I am glad that I have someone who takes care of me” It might seem silly at first but when we look at it through our canine friend's eyes – these gifts are actually quite meaningful!

4 Helping Out Around The House (No Really!)

This one may sound funny but hear us out! Have you ever noticed that your pup tends to follow you around the house as if they were trying to help out? This could be because dogs enjoy giving back the same kind of love we give them; plus it makes them feel useful too! Even if all they do is lay nearby while we do chores – this still counts as an act of love from our four-legged friends.

5 Affectionate cuddles

 If your dog is always trying to snuggle up next to you on the couch or laying his head in your lap for a nap, then this is another clear sign of love. Dogs often show their affection through physical contact and close proximity.

Another Sciency bit… Nuzzling copies what a Mum does with her pups and this nurturing action releases Oxytocin – “the love hormone” which improves well being and happiness.

So cuddling is not only a sign of love but also a way for them to relax and feel safe. All these actions indicate that your pup loves spending time with you and enjoys your company. Remember though – not all dogs like cuddles. Its not something Dogs do naturally to with each other – this maybe seen especially in rescue Street dogs. Skye is not a fan of being squeezed and doesn’t seek out physical affection whilst Kenzo adores snuggling and demands it.

6 Nosing, Nudging or Pawing

These kind of actions are obvious ways to get attention – it saying, “erm Hello… me!” Or Maybe they are just trying to get you out of there way? We may have trained our dogs to give a paw as a way to ask for things whilst a nudge may just be a way of getting a stroke or tickle.

7 Licking

Licking is a natural but complex behaviour. Obsessive licking can be a sign of anxiety but its also a way of grooming and bonding. Licking is also a soothing activity if they are stress. Licking when your dog is relaxed and happy is mostly likely to be your dog showing you affection or get your attention. 

8 Yawning & Sighing

When someone Yawns – it is often contagious right? Dogs do the same thing! Next time you yawn – see if your dog does too. Science tell us that this copying behaviour is a sign of empathy. In dogs it is said to be a sign of a close bond. I know you are all going to try this with your dogs!!  Whilst we may think Sighing, like Yawning, is a sign of frustration or boredom – actually it is more likely them vocalising their contentment and relaxing.

9 Leaning

A full body lean with there weight shows they trust you. We also learnt that in an Anxious dog they can go and sit really close or lean on someone they might not know to well. It’s a bit like the saying “Keep your enemies close” By having the physical connection they can react quickly if they feel any movement or threat. An affectionate lean is much more relaxed and will be the whole body and often head too – which lets be honest is super cute!!

10 Rolling on their back

This is a very submissive and trusting position for a dog to be in. Our two often sleep on the sofa on there  back exposing there tummy which can make them very vulnerable. They will only do this when the feel safe, relaxed happy and loved.

My dogs are my Valentine

There are many ways dogs show us their unconditional love and affection; however, these ten signs should make it easier for us to understand how much our Dogs really care about us! From tail wags to cuddles on the couch - there's no doubt about it - our furry friends make sure we always know how much we mean to them.

Enjoy the special bond between the two of you and be thankful for all the unconditional love that comes along with having a dog by your side. My dogs are my Valentine!! (And even better - my Husband doesn’t mind !!) 

So now you know your dog loves you - its time to show them you love them back... Check out our special range of Valentines toys and accessories to spoil your furry Valentine.