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Super powers of Bananas.

Super powers of Bananas.

Super powers of Bananas.

 Its Super Hero month -  I want to remind you of Bananaman! Who remembers, "This is 29 Acacier Road. And this is Eric  - the schoolboy who leads an exciting double life. For when Eric eats a Banana, an amazing transformaiton occurs! For Eric is BANANAMAN - Ever alert for the call to action!"

So Eric can clearly eat Bananas - Can dogs? 

Bananas are safe to feed to dog as an addition to a balanced diet - Keep reading to find our what Super powers dogs can gain from Bananas.

1. Powerful Muscles

Bananas are great for keeping muscles strong as they contain loads of Magnesium. This keeps Muscles smooth to aid mobility and Muscle contractions.

2. Healthy Heart 

Bananas are rich in potassium and vitamin B6. Potassium maintains strong electrical charges in the heart and both these help keep a healthy blood pressure which means a good strong heart. 

3. Strong Bones 

Potassium and Magnesium in Bananas are also beneficial in maintaining Calcium which is essential for keeping bones strong and healthy.

4. Source of Fibre 

Fibre - always important in a good balanced diet and one banana can contain over 2.5 grams of the stuff! Fibre keeps all the digestion working properly and is also a prebiotic which keeps the Probiotics (Friendly bacteria) alive and kicking

5. Power up Immunity

Vitamin C - an antioxidants that we all know it keeps us healthy and helps with immunity, stopping us from getting sick.  Its the same for dogs - Bananas can boost the resistance to illness. 

6.  Super powered Brains

The vitamin B6 in Bananas can be beneficial to the mind as well as the heart.   Vitamin B6 is good for keeping the brain sharp and helps with reasoning and retention of information. 

How do you safely feed Bananas to dogs?

We have established all the benefits but like anything - Bananas need to be fed in moderation. 

They are not suitable if your dog is prone to weight gain or trying to shed a few Lbs. You will have probably seen people eating Bananas when doing athletics or sports - this is because they contain lots of Natural sugar and starch and therefore a good source of energy.

There is a big problem with overweight dogs as much as Obese Humans. High levels of sugar can also lead to Diarrohea or the addtional fibre can cause constipation -  so be careful to monitor this and always add a little a time to ensure your dog has no adverse reactions. 

Feed one or two slices at a time but this could be mixed in with there meals, as a treat or mashed into a lickimat or other enrichment toy. 

Do not feed your dog the skin as this would be difficult for them to digest.

 Will Bananas be the Amazing transformation for you dog?

mixed diet of fresh fruit and veg is beneficial to Dogs. Bananas in moderation are a great addition to a healthy balanced diet in providing additional vitamins and nutrients that your Dog may not be getting elsewhere.

Always consult a vet before introducing a new food and ensure that clean fresh water is always present.