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Superfood Broccoli

Superfood Broccoli

Superfood Broccoli

It’s Food Fact Friday again – this weeks star of the show is Broccoli. These little green trees are one of the most nutritious vegetables that exist.

Nutritious little tree facts

Broccoli is low in fat and sugar but more than that is a powerful antioxidant. This is because it is packed full of Vitamin C which is crucial to a healthy immune system –  miles more than Oranges which we always think of when we want Vit C.  Dogs can produce their own Vitamin C but if they are older or have been sick they may need a bit of a boost. 

Not only that but Broccoli has lots of Zinc. Dogs need Zinc adding into their diets as they don’t produce it themselves.  Zinc deficiencies are more common in big breeds particularly Malamutes and Huskies but that doesn't mean other dogs can't be affected.  

And we aren’t finished yet –  Broccoli is helpful in reducing inflammation and balancing the micro organisms in the digestive tract.

The Super Hero bit... 

The Sciency bit too -  Broccoli contains a powerful compound called Sulforaphane which actually tells the body to kick in with producing antioxidants. Antioxidants keep molecules stable and protect dogs cells which have been shown to reduce the risk of cancer! Sulforaphane is truly a super Hero - it also plays a role in detoxing the liver and does all sorts of magical things between the blood and the brain - one of only a few nutrients that can. This means is it an anticonvulsant and may reduce and prevent seizures.


Feeding or disguising?

Broccoli actually needs to be chewed or  “broken down” to get  the benefits and it is better raw than cooked. Its is recommended to lightly steam it before feeding but if your pups are anything like mine – I have to hide any Veg like with a toddler. If I gave them a piece of cooked broccoli of my plate it would quickly be spat out onto the floor (Unless it was coated in gravy and even then I reckon they would suck the gravy off!!) But I need to get Veg into Skye as she is fed 80:10:10 raw Meat, offal and bone . With her food intolerances I can’t feed her a complete raw dog food as foods like Carrots, peas and Sweet potato caused her to have a reaction and itch.

So my trick… I blitz it with other green leafy veg like Kale, spring greens and cucumber or Courgettes. I add other bits and bobs too – like kelp powder, nettles and dandelion root. (All of which will be subject to a Food Fact Friday at some point) This and more goes into our Super green shots. These can be simply squished from the pouch or made into individual ice cube and frozen for use one at a time. Then with each meal I defrost one in microwave and add a bit of water and pour it over their food. A nutritious green shot of goodness!

Dangers of too much Broccoli?

As with any food - too much of anything can be a bad thing. So don't feed too much Broccoli at one time. The florets contain isothiocyanates, which can cause gastric irritation in dogs.

With introducing any new food – add it gradually as the combination of all vegetables shouldn’t make up more than 10% of a dogs diet. It will be toxic if your dog ingests near the 25% ratio of broccoli. Talk to your vet before giving your dog any new food, and start small pieces to make sure there are no negative reactions.

Do try and use Organic to be sure the broccoli is free from any chemicals.

What are you waiting for? 

This is a really short summary of the benefits of Broccoli – its also great for mood, eyesight, heart, bones, diabetes – the list really does go on!

If you want an easy and convenient way to get some vegetables including Broccoli into your dogs - take a look at our SUPER GREEN VEG SHOT.