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Welcome to the Snaffle Paws Family!

Here at Snaffle Paws, we're one big, happy fur-mily, featuring two adorable Romanian Rescue Dogs – Skye and Kenzo – and their two-legged servants (that's us!) catering to their every whim and wish! Our goal was to ensure our furry friends lived their best lives, full of health and happiness. And now, we're on a mission to share our knowledge and offer top-quality, tail-wagging-approved items to doggos everywhere! So, join us and become part of our Snaffle Paws pack, where every dog's a VIP (Very Important Pup)!

Who We Are & Why We're Here: The Snaffle Paws Story

Welcome to the Snaffle Paws Pack, where we believe every dog's wellbeing is built on a pawsome foundation of play, relaxation, and diet! After all, our furry friends deserve to be treated like the fabulous family members they are! 🐾

Our journey began when we noticed our dear Skye feeling itchy and a bit grumpy. We sniffed out the facts and were doggone surprised to learn how much the environment, food, and chemicals surrounding our pups can affect their health. 🐶

Meanwhile, Kenzo was dealing with some ruff anxiety, and we learned so much from working with a behaviorist. They taught us the importance of sleep, sniffing, and how to read our dog's body language like a pro. 🐕‍🦺

So, we set out on a mission to give our fur babies clean, natural lives, free from stress, toxins, and additives, while still keeping things fun and looking doggone snazzy! And thus, Snaffle Paws was born! 🐩

Join us in our paws-itively amazing adventure to help our four-legged family members live their best lives! 🦮

Introducing SKYE – Our Furtastic Chief Product Developer! 🐾

Meet Skye, our beautiful, mystery-breed Romanian Rescue dog, who joined our family in August 2019, thanks to the pawsome charity, High Hopes Dog Rescue. She's got a heart-melting nature and is definitely the mastermind behind all the mischief she and Kenzo cook up, but she's clever enough to let him take the blame! Skye's a people-pup, and she loves rolling over for belly rubs from her adoring fans – whether they're ready or not! 😄

Skye's independent and stubborn streak was evident from the get-go. As a young pup, her street dog mama had five puppies, and when the rescuers came to save them, Skye had gone on an adventure. With her family whisked away to the UK for their happily-ever-after, Skye returned two weeks later (only about 3 months old!) and finally found safety. Where she'd been? Who knows! But that determination to do her own thing still shines through every day! 🐕

Our picky princess, Skye is super particular about what she eats, wears, and plays with. So, if you see it on this website, rest assured it's got the Skye paw of approval! 🐾👑

Meet KENZO – Our Pawsome Quality Control Manager! 🐾

Kenzo, another Romanian rescue, joined our family in May 2020 as Skye's much-needed playmate. He adores her with all his heart, and Skye definitely wears the bossy boots in their dynamic duo! 🐶❤️

Kenzo spent his first year as a street dog near a busy road (check out his rescue video here…). Thanks to the fantastic charity, Cloud K9 Rescue, he arrived in the UK in February 2020 and stayed with his loving foster mom, Colleen. We're forever grateful for the love and training she provided, making Kenzo the most lovable dog to adopt! 😊

This sweet-natured fella loves a good cuddle and plays the role of the "dog" to Skye's "princess" persona. But beware – they both love to dig! 🐕‍🦺

Kenzo thrives on routine but struggles with anxiety. Sometimes, the world outside is just too scary for him. We've learned how to minimize his stress and recognize when he needs some downtime. Sniffing and play are vital for building his confidence. 🌎

Lucky for us, he never turns down any training food or toys. So, if Kenzo says "No" to something we create, we know it's a definite NO! 🚫