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Do you know why Snaffle Paws Bow Ties are the best?

Do you know why Snaffle Paws Bow Ties are the best?

Do you know why Snaffle Paws Bow Ties are the best?

Do you know what makes our Bow Ties stand out from others out there?

* We used quality cotton or occasionally other luxury fabrics such as wool, tweed and Velvet but they are always of the highest standard. 

* We interface the fabric - this means we add a lining which stabilises the fabric so its stiffer. It helps the bow tie keep its folded shape and gives it structure.

* Its sewn in double layers so its durable. We way we cut and fold the fabric means there are no raw edges or visible seems and most of the stitching is even concealed. 

* Its machine washable. It may need a little stretching to pull it back into shape or even better when its damp - pin the fold together using a clothes peg so it drys with crisp edges. 

* Its entirely sewn - no glue is used to hold it together. It would be quicker, cheaper and easier to glue the bow ties but that's not our style. It wouldn't be as durable or washable. It also means its not toxic for dogs and better for the environment.  

* It slips over the collar so can't come undone like other fastenings can. It can't fall off and get lost so its safe for your dog to wear when running around doing Zoomies. The collar simply feeds through the two elastic loops. The elastic means the width of the collar isn't a issue as it will stretch. 

BUT possibly the most important difference is it has 2 loops at the widest point on each end of the Bow tie. Many bow ties have only one fastening and its often part of the middle Knot. This means the bow can lose shape and fold or flop forward - Not Snaffle Paws Bow ties. 

All this means Snaffle Paws Bow ties are the best quality and will look super Snazzy on your dogs day after day.