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Scandi Style Reindeer Stocking


Fabulous Scandi Style Reindeer Stocking. This is a beautiful navy fabric stocking. It has a multi-coloured Scandinavian style Reindeer. Decorated with white Pompom trim, it is perfect for adding some festive cheer.

The stocking is fully lined and has the Reindeer on both sides. It has a sewn in tag so it can be hung up facing either way. Great for either the spoilt pups or the two legged family members!

Check out all the goodies we have that you can fill it with too - Snaffle Paws Bow ties, Bandanas, Poo Bag holders, Scrunchie, Baby bibs and much more! Santa Paws is very generous!!

This is a Joules fabric and there are other Stockings available on the website and social pages.

And don't forget the treats - Head to the Facebook and Instagram page to see the freshly made treats with no additives or preservatives.