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Union Jack Dog Ball and Tug Toy

Type: Tug toy

This Union Jack dog tug toy has been handmade using top quality fleece. Its tight woven structure means it stiff and can withstand quite a tug! It also means it can withstand a chewing which can help keep your dogs teeth clean.  

This tug toy is made Round in three different colours - Royal Blue, White and Red. This has extra benefit of the Red rubber Treat ball which can be filled with treats gripped between the rubber teeth or left empty for your dog to bite down on when playing tug. The tug toy runs through the middle of the ball. 

This tug is roughly 11" inches long from knot to knot, 16" from end to end and 3/4 of an inch thick. As the toys are individually hand made these measurements may vary slightly. The Ball is 5cms. The these are slightly thinner than the 1 inch toy and made with 3 rather than 4 pieces of fleece. This makes them ever so slightly softer and less rigid with a smaller ball - perfect for a smaller dog. We have included a comparison picture for ease. 

We have lots of different colours, styles and sizes - please message us if you don't see exactly what you want and we will do our best to make something that fits your requirements. 

See our blog post here for all the benefits playing tug can have on your dog. 

A dog can never have too many toys! No toy is indestructible and a dog should always be supervised with any toy.  Check regularly for any wear and tear and dispose of if damaged. 

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